Top 10 Things To Buy For A Rave

WorstNights Brand - Another great website with such beautiful clothing.

WorstNights actually has some handmade items that may take longer to ship. Be cautious when it gets closer to a festival. As you want to make sure they have time to complete it and ship it out before the festival day.

The handmade items are supposed to be shipped out within 10 days of ordering though. Not too long, but order ahead of time to be sure.

If you would like 10% off then use the code WNEDM at checkout.

Top 10 Things To Buy For A Rave

1. LED The Purge Mask

This incredibly unique and exclusive Purge Mask LED is really one of a kind! The original Light Up "The Purge" Mask available in 7 unique light colors! Stand out at any occasion with the most impressive LED mask on the market, perfect for :

  • Taking amazing and unique one of a kind photos
  • Light-up the crowd at raves and festivals
  • Get noticed at parties or events

2. WorstNights Brand Clothing T-Shirts & Hoodies

Excited for your very first rave party or EDM show? Maybe you have everything else sorted out – who you’re going with, how you’re getting there, etc. But have you given your outfit a thought? Of course not, but WorstNights Offers an clothing line that will give you a couple ideas!

3. LED Glasses

With our LED Glasses collection on the site.

  • You will definitely stand out at parties, and be the coolest looking one there.

  • Soft light does not hurt the eyes. No UV, No radiation, and No heat. Easy to see out of, and the light has no impact on vision at all.

  • WorstNights neon LED glasses are very comfortable to wear, they are perfect for males and females, both young and old.

  • Portable and easy to use - The battery pack can clip anywhere on your upper body, like your waist belt or pocket, and you can easily replace the batteries.


4. Neon Body Paint

Stand out at any Festival/Rave/EDM event with our bodypaint!

WorstNights offers you to glow all over as you design anything you like with our bodypaint.

5. LED Lumakiks

Treat your feet with the most recent upgrade in the world of illuminating kicks. Introducing Lumakiks, the latest Optic Fiber Sneakers that will surely grab serious attention wherever you go without compromising the comfort of your feet.

Unlike existing LED sneakers that consume more energy and heat up too much, these sneakers never heat up and consume negligible energy to light up your way 2x brighter than LED sneakers, a luminescence that is visible during daytime as well.

6. Fanny Pack

Our Fanny Packs are good for any occasion!

Sleek and simple, our fanny packs from WorstNights is the perfect accessory for festivals, concerts, or everyday wear. Within the design, WorstNights features a single zip compartment, while the easy, adjustable strap offers versatility and can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.

Also stay safe and secure from pickpockets.

7. KUULAA Universal Portable Charger

We’ve all suffered the sudden, all-encompassing horror of a dead phone. The accusing looks and hushed criticism of family and friends. That blank screen on the commute home that leaves you at the mercy of your chatty fellow traveler. The sudden loss of Google Maps as you turn into an unfamiliar neighborhood. The sinking feeling as you realize your phone alarm didn’t go off because you forgot to plug your phone in last night. Why, oh, why must our smartphones die?
We feel your pain, and that is why we offer you this amazing portable charger!
This slim, lightweight power bank has a decent  10,000mAh capacity, which is enough to charge most phones up five times a day. It has a glossy, rounded frame and a soft-touch finish that enhances grip on either side. Simply turn it on and your phone comes to life, with the white LED array to show you remaining power. You’ll find a two USB port on the top.It’s slim enough to hold comfortably with your iPhone and the profile is just a bit smaller than an iPhone 11 Pro.

8.  Led Glowing Face/Mouth Mask

Stand out at any Festival/Rave/Club with one of our Led Face/Mouth masks

9. Magnetic Charger

  • Tired of your phone charging slow..
  • Tired of haveing multiple cables for multiple devices...
  • Tired of your cords breaking instantly...
Well with our Magnetic charging cable you can have multiple different magnetic plugs connected to it and the cord is very durable and will last twice as long as most of your regular store bought chargers.

10. WorstNights UPods

WorstNights UPods delivers effortless, all-day audio on the go, while also bringing Active Noise Cancellation to an in-ear headphone — with a customizable fit.

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