Rave/Festive/EDM Clothing Line

Excited for your very first rave party or EDM show? Maybe you have everything else sorted out – who you’re going with, how you’re getting there, etc. But have you given your outfit a thought? Of course not, but WorstNights Offers an clothing line that will give you a couple ideas!

Our company has been producing clubbing accessories for people like you all over the world, our office is located in California.

The WorstNights team has been working on this idea of making products that represent nightlife.Our collection started with a variety of clubbing accessories and has since expanded to include shoes, men, and women's clothing also. Since we have just recently launched our brand we are always looking for improvement and new product ideas.


The WorstNights team is comprised of avid festival goers and dance music enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our love for music and rave fashion is what drives us and inspires our passion to create innovative products, provide high quality service, and truly connect with our customers.

Our goal is to provide a mixture of wildly unique products from brands we admire and our own creations inspired by you. We believe in expanding the culture of the EDM community that has inspired us all and strive to provide our customers with the ability to express their own personal style.


WorstNights Hoodies run for 36$ and T-Shirts Run for 19.99.

Use Code WNEDM for 10% Off!

Instagram: instagram.com/WorstNightsBrand
Facebook: facebook.com/WorstNights
Twitter: twitter.com/NightsWorst

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