WorstNights Ambassador Program

We are always on the lookout for men and women that are passionate about our brand and will continually help us grow. The WorstNights Ambassador Program is a huge part of our marketing plan that enables us to reach out to markets outside of California. Get involved with the WorstNights team!
Perks of being a WorstNights Brand Ambassador:
  • Exclusive 20% off discount and one-of-a-kind gifted items

  • Receive 10% off all orders for you and your followers

  • Bonus PartyPoints every time someone uses your special 10% off discount code. Believe us… these PartyPoints add up FAST!

  • Be featured on the WorstNights Instagram and Facebook pages


  • Create content and subscribe for new product arrivals

  • Create content and post images rocking WorstNights merchandise on social media platforms 

  • Share brand message with organizations in your community

  • Instagram page is set to public


How to apply:
  1. Please provide full name, email address, and social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Etc) Accounts must be public not private.

  2. Provide education level and school affiliation

  3. A short essay on why you would make an excellent ambassador focusing on the following points:

  • What qualities do you believe make you an excellent candidate for the WorstNights Ambassador Program?

  • What kind of ideas do you have for promoting WorstNights in your community?

  • What are your passions, tell us about what motivates and inspires you!

  • Who is your favorite celebrity/blogger style icon and why?

  • Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

  1. Submit application to WorstNightsBrand@gmail.com

Subject Title : WorstNights Ambassador Application - Full Name